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"I saw Marta on Facebook doing 30 days waxing challenge and I loved it. Since then I did Marta's Pregnancy Intimate wax course and her business Mastery program. I am so happy as my waxing speed did improve with the technique she thought me."

Sandra Mockiene

Lycon Waxing and more By Sandra Mockiene


"I've completed Marta's Waxing Audit and Business Management for Waxing Services"

Marta gave me the knowledge and confidence to open my waxing clinic.

I can't thank her enough for all the support and advice given"

Aleksandra Olejnik

Founder of Wax and Relax PL


"I've joined Marta's 5 Day Challenge for Waxing Professional and completed her Waxing Mastery. Marta has gave me confidence, knowledge and ability to promote myself on social media. I was also able to eliminate any bad habits I had developed over the years. 

Carmel Anderson 

Founder of Visage Beauty by Carmel Anderson

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